Welcome Milwaukee LBGTQ+ Therapist, Erik Stonecipher

Hillary Counseling welcomes Erik Stonecipher, LPC-IT, to our team! Erik is a therapist whose focused their studies on the treatment and empowerment of queer individuals, people of color, and those with other marginalized identities. Erik’s approach to therapy is founded in the understanding that our lives are shaped by the environments we grew up in, those we exist in today, and the identities we carry through these myriad contexts & experiences.

Erik believes in forming a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust, honesty, vulnerability, and openness. Their work takes on value-oriented action, building positive experiences, growing a toolbox of skills to cope with stress, and establishing healthy relationships within and outside their client’s lives.

Being a young white queer individual, Erik consistently strives to understand how their privileged identities impact the therapeutic relationship. Erik has undergone years of self-reflection, supervision, and education on microaggressions and implicit bias to better understand the biases he carries.

Erik approaches therapy knowing they will never fully understand a culture nor identity that is not their own, but fully believes that through humility, education, training, self-awareness, and vulnerability, empathy and understanding are always possible.

Erik is grateful that you have sought out therapy, as he believes we all need support, care, and safe spaces to be vulnerable in our lives, no matter who we are. If you are considering Erik for therapy, they welcome the opportunity to be part of your journey of growth and change.

If you’d like schedule a FREE 30-minute consult with Erik, contact him at erik@hillarycounseling.com or (414) 255-4711.