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Milwaukee Couple’s Therapists Share This Is What Happens to Couples Under Stress

Relationships are hard, even when we are not in the midst of a global pandemic. Nobody knows this more intimately than the Belgian psychotherapist and author Esther Perel, whose hit podcast, “Where Should We Begin?,” allows listeners to play fly on the wall as she conducts actual couples’ therapy sessions. Perel is also the author […]

Welcome Milwaukee LBGTQ+ Therapist, Erik Stonecipher

Hillary Counseling welcomes Erik Stonecipher, LPC-IT, to our team! Erik is a therapist whose focused their studies on the treatment and empowerment of queer individuals, people of color, and those with other marginalized identities. Erik’s approach to therapy is founded in the understanding that our lives are shaped by the environments we grew up in, […]

Join Our Team…Hillary Counseling is Hiring!

Have you ever dreamed of working independently and having your own private practice? Have you felt overwhelmed thinking about how to accomplish this? At Hillary Counseling we take the guess work out of running your own practice. Our services cover everything from providing a comfortable, therapeutic office space to providing you with client referrals.  Hillary […]

How To Talk To Your Parents about Racism

Over the last few weeks, many of us have had to face a pretty ugly realization: Some of the people we love the most and who’ve cared for us throughout our lives are also people who harbor racist beliefs. Hearing our parents make racist comments can be particularly upsetting, especially if you’re close to them […]

How To Be Happy

Behavioral scientists have spent a lot of time studying what makes us happy (and what doesn’t). We know happiness can predict health and longevity, and happiness scales can be used to measure social progress and the success of public policies. But happiness isn’t something that just happens to you. Everyone has the power to make […]

Cabin Fever for Couples…Here’s How to Make the Most of It

If you live…anywhere in the world, you’re probably practicing social distancing. If you live with your partner, you might be craving a little social distance from them. Around the world couples are being kept in a pressure cooker called… our homes. Depending on your dynamic, it might be a little harder than you thought to […]