Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can provide you support during difficult times, offer you a new way of looking at things, and help you grow from your experiences.

Individual Therapy Services in Milwaukee

Sometimes life gets tough. We all struggle from time to time. Occasionally, we need a little extra support and guidance to help us manage stress, life transitions, negative emotions, or develop a healthier sense of ourselves.

Most of us find it difficult or don’t want to discuss personal problems, even with those closest to us. Individual therapy can provide you the support you need during tough times. It can offer you a new way of looking at things, help you make positive changes and facilitate growth from your experiences.

We offer 50-minute individual therapy sessions that are tailored to meet your needs. During each individual session, we will work together to understand what is going on now and why that is. Then, we will create a plan of useful coping strategies, new techniques and behavior changes to reach your goals.

Therapy sessions typically occur once per week over a series of regular office visits. Typically, you will leave each session with new insight or ideas and something to work on throughout the following week. We may give you articles to read or “homework” tasks that relate to our session that day.

We are goal-oriented therapists and believe that completing assignments is an important aspect of developing new habits and creating long-lasting life changes.

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